Dr. Kermit Gilliard (229) 377-3701
Superintendent Email Dr. Gilliard
Mrs. Laura Elliott (229) 377-3701
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction Email Mrs. Elliott
Mr. Kevin D. Strickland (229) 377-3701
Assistant Superintendent of Operations Email Mr. Strickland
Mrs. Mallory Barrett (229) 377-2513
Nutrition Director Email Mrs. Barrett
Mr. Dan Broome (229) 377-3701
Chief Financial Officer Email Mr. Broome
Dr. Katina Cooper (229) 377-3701
Director of Social Services Email Dr. Cooper
Mrs. Cristie L Gilliard (229) 377-7396
Director of Special Education Email Mrs. Gilliard
Mr. Chris Guest (229) 377-8258
Director of Technology/E-rate Coordinator Email Mr. Guest
Mrs. Jackie McCurry (229) 307-1748
 Pre-K Director Email Mrs. McCurry
Mrs. Janet Walden (229) 377-8382
 Title I Director Email Mrs. Walden